I approached Nadine Lee, as I was looking for something totally bespoke, edgy, something that no other graphic artist would be able to capture, being the fussy type I am ...Understand that Nadine Lee’s designs are different - they pop, they make you look twice. My telephonic brief to Nadine was precise and concise. I sent her two items only. A black and white picture of myself and the name of my Company. 

- Natalie Raymond-Paul

Founder - Baroque Cape Town

I asked her to capture, from my photograph my happiness, my freedom, my energy and from that I asked her to turn that into my Brand Identity. What did I get - a masterpiece. She nailed it in one go. I did not have to send it back for edits. She is amazing, listens, is totally professional. She asks upfront what your preferred colour palette is and everything she needs to know, which I appreciate. I am the type of person that does not like to’ ing and fro’ ing and I am just so thrilled with what I got. Honestly not only did she create my masterpiece, she is a masterpiece personified! I highly recommend........  and will be back for more of her beautiful creations.